Statement regarding the census and Enforced Domestication Awareness Month

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have accepted an invitation to participate in The Park's sixth annual Enforced Domestication Awareness Month (EDAM).

As Park residents know, our work at the census involves enumerating the Animals who call The Park their home. This, of course, includes those who were formerly domesticated by force.

During the previous census, many of those who had suffered enforced domestication were reluctant to be counted. This year, through our participation in Enforced Domestication Awareness Month, we will have the opportunity to include more of these Animals in our population count. Thus, the 2018 census will enable the Archons, The Park's Department of Well-Being and Safety, and immigrant and refugee aid groups to better serve this community.

Census representatives will be in attendance at all major EDAM functions, and we will be pleased to answer any questions about the census that you may have.

Monica Lemur
Park Census Office