Statement regarding the census and Enforced Domestication Awareness Month

It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have accepted an invitation to participate in The Park's sixth annual Enforced Domestication Awareness Month (EDAM).

As Park residents know, our work at the census involves enumerating the Animals who call The Park their home. This, of course, includes those who were formerly domesticated by force.

During the previous census, many of those who had suffered enforced domestication were reluctant to be counted. This year, through our participation in Enforced Domestication Awareness Month, we will have the opportunity to include more of these Animals in our population count. Thus, the 2018 census will enable the Archons, The Park's Department of Well-Being and Safety, and immigrant and refugee aid groups to better serve this community.

Census representatives will be in attendance at all major EDAM functions, and we will be pleased to answer any questions about the census that you may have.

Monica Lemur
Park Census Office

Statement by the Park Census Office regarding the protest at our headquarters

Since the morning of 5 April 2018, a protest has been growing outside the the Park Census Office headquarters. This protest, led by Reekabilly singer and composer, Faramund Stinktier, has gained momentum and we at the PCO believe we must address the issues regarding the 2018 census that have been brought forth.

Since the first census of 2006-2007 (24-25 AZ), the Park Census Office has endeavoured to bring fairness and accessibility to the work involved in counting the number of Animals who call The Park their home.

The goal of any census is to provide an accurate tally and, subsequently, a full portrait of the population residing within its established boundaries. The resultant portrait from that tally must be derived from, among other attributes, the species to which each Animal belongs. The reason for this is not a sinister one. Indeed, the opposite it true, for we cannot ensure that Park citizens will benefit fully from Park life unless we are certain to which benefits each is entitled. Some of these benefits—but not all—are associated with Animals' species.

We fully understand the position on species identification that is held by Faramund Stinktier and other Animals and we will make every effort to accommodate that position. The 2018 Park Census, however, will continue to include the question regarding species and Animals are free to respond in whichever way they deem appropriate.

Monissa Lemur
Park Census Office

Park Census 2018 Update: Stereotype Sunday information booths throughout April

The Park Census Office (PCO) is happy to announce that, throughout the month of April, it will host information booths at the Ancient Open-Air Theatre during the weekly Stereotype Sunday.

Park Census Officers will be on hand from noon until four o'clock to answer any queries Park residents may have regarding the census, its questions, its use, and its importance.

Please note: The Park Census Office guarantees the privacy of your information. Data gathered by the 2018 Park Census will be used for planning purposes only.

For more detailed information on the 2018 Park Census, please stop by our office.

Park Census 2018: First Stages Begin

The Park Census Office (PCO) is happy to announce that the first stages of the 2018 Census will begin on March 19, 2018.

The 2018 census will be conducted in stages and will be deemed complete by the end of September, 2018. The data will undergo a series of analyses and a first report will be issued in the first quarter of 2019. 

The Park Census Office will host an information booth at the Ancient Open-Air Theatre on Sunday, March 18 at The Park's weekly Stereotype Sunday. Park Census Officers will be there between noon and four o'clock to explain the new census and to answer any questions that citizens and residents pose.

Update on 2018 Park Census

The Park Census Office (PCO) is happy to announce that we are in the final stages of developing the 2018 Census (36 AZ).

The new census will be taken during the first nine months of 2018 and will reflect the changes in The Park's population over the past decade, including species-identification, physical, mental, and economic well-being, family size, and participation in Park life. 

An optional part of the census will include questions regarding political preferences and the economic state of The Park.


Herewith, The Park Census Office (PCO) releases the first data from the 25 AZ Census, covering Park population, dwelling counts, and employment trends.

Between the institution of zoocracy and 25 AZ, The Park's population increased 454%. International migration fueled five-eighths of The Park's population growth, while higher levels of reproduction, coupled with lower levels of infant and adult mortality, also accounted for this rise in population.

Data still to be released include income statistics, business and trade figures, manufacturing statistics, family stability figures, health and welfare, age and longevity, and species-identification responses.


The Park's first official census was conducted between 15 Karpos and 1 Azafran, 25 AZ.

Census participation by Park residents and citizens was strongly encouraged, but voluntary.

In total, the 25 AZ Census enumerated 3,483,612 Animals.

Check back often. More news on the 25 AZ Census will become available.

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